Sitting for a coffee and having an open chat with the owner will often move to one common theme– “I love what I do and want to earn money but I want to be in control and want to have a life and not be a slave of my business. I am tired of having to solve all the problems myself”.

In the current business conditions, this theme has become more and more pertinent.

We have helped a number of businesses make the transition between a family enterprise towards a corporate structure with defined processes and KPIs across the whole business with one clear aim: increase the shareholder value.

Most businesses would have, over the years, accumulated deficiencies in all 4 Key functions with the main ones being:

  • Lack of constant visibility of the critical points of the business in order to take timely decisions
  • Lack of understanding of the profit and loss statement and how to effectively and consistently manage it
  • Lack of ideas of how to mitigate loss of performance and preservation of the bottom line from either lack of timely data or the fear to act
  • Utilisation of working capital for CAPEX projects thus draining the financial ability of day-to-day business
  • Limited use of IT to enhance operations and make them efficient
  • No clear visibility of output measures
  • Little or no planning on how to increase capacity whilst retaining the ability to manage and control
Human Resources
  • Lack of right people in the right place
  • No proper handle and control on labour costs on a weekly basis
  • Single dependencies on individuals with no clear succession planning
  • Throwing in more and more people to solve operational and capacity problems
  • No proper onboarding of new people
  • Lack of KPIs as a reward mechanism
  • No recruitment and retention plan
  • Lack of investment in continuous personal and professional development and training
Business Development, Sales & Marketing
  • Not properly researching and evaluating new business ventures which result in a time and effort intensive and cash draining nightmare
  • Not having a structured, measurable, target driven plan for the sales and marketing of the company’s products and services
  • On-the-fly marketing initiatives and adhoc advertising expenditure with no real measurement of ROI
  • No plan on how to continuously renovate the customer experience whilst ensuring client loyalty
  • No plan on how to manage the product lifecycle
  • Being over reactive to dips and trends in the marketplace

This is where we come in to take an X-ray of the business and re-think, re-define and re-deploy

  1. Strategy,
  2. Structure,
  3. Systems and;
  4. People

Stratis Consulting take a very hands on approach and have the best results by being physically present within your organization. 

We firmly believe that any restructuring, more often than not, is an uncomfortable, yet exhilarating process of change.  We know that if processes of business transformation, are not planned effectively and followed closely, it will fail.

We know that we can assist in avoiding the pitfalls and win the hearts of minds of your team to navigate the necessary changes of consolidation, growth and innovation. 

We do not believe in voluminous reports nor tick box exercises for the sake of flashy presentations to The Board and then  leaving the building, but rather a hands-on, tailor made approach which delivers through a jointly negotiated strategy with clear performance indicators and outcomes.

We will work as part of your team so that the process is owned by all thus guaranteeing success, even in the most challenging of environments.


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