New Business

Very often businesses do not have the setup to evaluate, create and take on new business.   The current personnel are totally dedicated to the on-going operation and it falls on the owner to create new business.  The financial controller or accountant would then be called in and asked that they come up with some financial projections. A quick look at the figures and off it goes.

However, most of the time, that is far from enough.  We will create and roll out for you the following plans:

  • Financial feasibilities and forecasts based on market research
  • Human resources
  • Operations
  • Commercial, sales and marketing

As soon as we launch, we will put in control mechanisms to ensure that you are on top of what is happening and can gauge the performance against targets and direct corrective action as necessary.

Apart from one-off opportunity development, every organization should also have a process which is in itself dedicated to create new opportunities of expanding the business.  Business development is a methodology in itself and we will be very glad to sit down with you to define it for you


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