About Us

Stratis Consulting are a group of ex C-Suite Executives which have led a diverse range of small and medium organizations, across a broad spectrum of sectors, both locally and internationally.

What sets us apart from other consultancy services is that we have built our invaluable experience in the real world of business with roles as key decision makers and a place at the board table in sectors such as IT, fashion retail, food, catering, hospitality and  project development amongst others. 

Stratis Consulting brings together years of skills, knowledge and experience within the world of business development and  as hands-on advisors we offer our clients access to our unique and versatile “toolbox” for navigating organizational change, restructuring, growth and development and systems analysis and implementation.  As critical, reflective leaders in business, we have learnt from our mistakes and identified track-proven methodology for success – synthesizing what works and what does not in our services offering.

We believe in research, data analysis, effective use of new technology, developing personal professional relationships and are committed to developing efficient, effective and profitable business models for our clients.  We will not fob you off with voluminous reports for the sake of presentations and bounded pages or add to your workload without positive results,  but will deliver clear, concise action plans and operational formulae which will transform your aspirations into measurable results.

Our clients receive the best return on their investment in Stratis Consulting when we operate within their business environment.  We seek to fully understand and identify your current challenges and aspirations and work alongside you and your teams to review, research, plan, implement and monitor a bespoke plan to prepare and guide you through business transformation.

Simply put, through our acquisition of skills, knowledge and experience, Stratis Consulting, ultimately know what works and what does not.


Call: +356 9942 4114
Email: antoine@stratisconsult.com

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